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Weekend in Saratoga Springs: Your guide to New York's most haunted city

Haunted Saratoga Ghost Tours

Are you afraid of ghosts?

Scheduled Tours Every Fri & Sat.

Private Tours and Gift Certificates Available

Our Tours

Haunted Saratoga

Come walk with us and discover the ghosts of Haunted Saratoga. Hear the stories that have lived on in our city for hundreds of years. The will enchant, entertainand perhaps even scare you. Our 90-minute long walking tour will take you in search of the countless ghosts rumored to haunt the city. Total walking distance is less than a mile, covered at a very leisurely pace so that you can enjoy the Saratoga’s many infamous ghosts and haunted locations.

We are very respectful of the spirits we will encounter along the way. You will hear about and perhaps even meet Old Smoke who, it is said, haunts the old Canfield Casino, Angeline, known as the Witch of Saratoga, Hattie, who has been known to make appearances in her restaurant since her passing and several other spirits.

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Saratoga Ghost Hunting Tours - Old SmokeOld smoke who it's said haunts old Canfield Casino.
Saratoga Ghost Tours - AngelineAngeline, known as witch of Saratoga.
Devil's ChairDevil's Chair
Saratoga Ghost Hunting Tours - Green ManGreen Man

Price--Adults $22, Children (under 12) $10

Private Group Tours Available Any Time (Inquire)

Greenridge Cemetery Tours

Murder, Madness and Mayhem

Walk with us through Saratoga’s Greenridge Cemetery and hear the stories of untimely deaths by suicide, murder or accident. A young mother killed by her husband, a solider dies by friendly fire, and a prominent politician who shoots himself in the head are but a few stories of the graves we will visit...

Every Saturday in October at 4PM

Saratoga’s Greenridge Cemetery

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Haunted Saratoga: The Stories Behind Saratoga’s Most Infamous Spirits

Haunted Saratoga

These are the stories of Saratoga Springs ghosts--many of whom still are known to make their presence felt. There's Angelina, the witch of Saratoga, Old Smoke who haunts the city's historical museum and the Trask family among others. They will entertain, amaze and even perhaps scare you.

Saratoga Ghost Haunting New Book

Questions and answers

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Ghost Tour?

Saratoga is the home of many fascinating spirits who have appeared numerous times since their earthly forms have departed over the past several hundred years. They have been the subject of books and TV shows like Ghost Hunters. We tell their stories. It’s an entertaining, fun and sometimes scary look into Saratoga’s colorful history.

When are tours held?

Haunted Saratoga Ghost Tours are held every Fri & Sat from May - Mid-November. During October, tours are added most Sundays. Tours are held rain or shine—except on the stormiest nights. Please bring an umbrella or rainwear if appropriate.

How long is the tour?

The tour takes 1.5 hours and covers less than a mile of easy paced walking.

Where does the tour start?

The tour covers parts of Congress Park and downtown Saratoga Spings. Specific meeting instructions will be sent by email when the tours are booked.

How do I buy tickets?

The best way to get tickets is to buy them on line using the "Book Now" button above. If you have questions or special needs you can email us at or call us at 518-832-3796.

Do tours sell out?

Yes, please buy tickets as early as possible. The number of spaces on a tour is limited.

Do you have private tours?

Yes. We conduct private tours, especially for school groups, at times other than the regularly held tours. Please inquire.

Are tours handicapped accessable?

Reasonable accommodations for all of our disabled guests will be made. Please call us at least 24 hours in advance so that we can make appropriate arrangements. The route of the tour is mostly flat with no stairs to climb and paved.

Are tours appropriate for all ages?

Yes, this is a family friendly event. We will meet a few ghosts along the way but they are mostly friendly and have great stories to tell about Saratoga history. Please keep in mind that we use some dramatic re-enactments, historical facts, and creative storytelling to thrill, entertain, and scare our guests.

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